Our company was founded as a sole proprietorship by Harald Besseler in 1995.
At the beginning the field of activity of our company was limited to local food processing operation of fruit juice, dairy, meat and sausage processing and bakery equipment.
In due course the field of activity referred primarily to support the customer’s own fitters and technicians for repairs and inspections of the production facilities.

In the further course and in conjunction with various training by manufacturers of filling the field of activity of our company expanded. New staff have been recruited in order to meet the market because of the steadily increasing demands.

Our client proximity allows for production problems flexibly and to quickly respond locally and ensure a smooth production process.Due to a growing demand of various machine manufacturers for installation and maintenance of filling and palletizing systems as well as various other machines, the company has expanded over the years more and more.

As a result, the field of activity of the enterprise expanded nationwide. This meant that more and more customers place a lot of value to planned and production process adapted maintenance, repairs and inspections. In order to reduce unplanned breakdowns and disruptions of machines to a minimum, customized maintenance plans were developed.

After serving their apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator and a construction mechanic his two sons joined the company in 2010 which was re-established and called then: Besseler Industrie- und Anlagenservice GmbH.

With the expansion of our working field to whole of Europe and worldwide and the steady expansion of the GmbH the desire of our clients increased as well by more local flexibility. This gave us the idea of a mobile workshop with all the necessary machine tools and tool accessories. It allows us to solve more customer-oriented problems on-site.

With our new business idea, we are always able to meet the requirements and the strong demand of our clients.